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Watch our latest video to learn more about our recent work at Mohawk Shared Services in Ancaster. [Transcript]

Transcript - Mowawk Shared Services Video

Well there’s three areas that BML has worked on here in the plant. They do plumbing for us, they’ve done a lot of millwrighting moving machinery as well as sheet metal work. BML has done a very good job as far as safety goes. We have a strict compliance policy here and I’ve had no issues at all with BML as far as workmanship and maintaining a safe work environment. I’ve been extremely happy with the quality of the workmanship supplied by BML, any issues which there have been very few, have been addressed and taken care of. BML has been very good as far as supplying services when needed. I know that I have someone that I can call at 2 o’clock in the morning if there’s an issue I have people that I can call and that means a lot to our company.

 - From Ron File, Maintenance Supervisor, Mohawk Shared Services

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